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Akyaka District transportation is done by road. If the Izmir-Istanbul-if you come by Denizli Muğla Marmaris called D-500 after the road of Mugla 30 kilometer point on the right Akyaka plate before reaching the Gokova flats from Sakar reach a road slingshot. The way to reverse direction so if you are coming by Antalya, Gokova Antalya Muğla road in Gökova crossroads (Marmaris turnoff) will see a road that branches into just the right tree when you come to the crossroads and this road will bring you to Akyaka with you sheets.


by sea, come to Akyaka just not very practical way to cover the distance between Istanbul and Izmir sea usually be appropriate for those who want to spend time with his family and did not want to drive the car a long way to come from the direction of Istanbul.


Akyaka is the closest fit rather Dalaman Airport. Akyaka Town Dalaman Airport 67 km. The distance can be attained in a period of 50-60 minutes. Akyaka other close to Bodrum Airport Izmir Airport requires 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours a dark ride.

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